How to sell your old Amazon devices.

Amazon’s new Echo speakers for 2018 are impressive. New cloth designs and upgraded sound quality (especially on the Echo Dot) are all welcome upgrades.

Splurging on one, or more, is tempting. But what if you already own multiple, older Echo speakers that you paid good money for a few years ago? Don’t just kiss all that cash goodbye. Trade them in to Amazon, and get credit toward your next Echo device. Here’s how it works.

The trade-off with Amazon trade-in

Amazon’s trade-in program is definitely convenient, though it isn’t perfect. It has drawbacks; the biggest is that Amazon sets the price, not you. Unfortunately, Amazon’s price is often much lower than what you originally paid.

There are many upsides to using Amazon trade-in. First, you get the appraised value of your device as an Amazon gift card, which you can use on a new Echo speaker or literally anything else in shopping giant’s vast online catalog.

Second, if you do decide to buy a new Echo product, Amazon says it will shave 25 percent off the list price of “qualifying” new Echo gadget. An added bonus is that Amazon won’t charge any extra fees to do the trade-in and shipping your old Echo back is free.

Amazon trade-in tips

  • You’ll get the most for your money if your Echo units are functional, with minimal damage.
  • If there is damage, you might get less money after Amazon appraises the item.
  • It’s free to ship trade-in devices back.
  • Only select Echo products are eligible for trade-in.

How much will I get?

Here’s a list of Echo devices that currently are part of Amazon’s trade-in program, and how much you’ll get for them.

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