Amazon announced more than a dozen new hardware products at a media event in Seattle, Washington on Thursday along with several software updates all aimed at bringing its voice assistant Alexa to more devices in your home and even your car.

Among the products mentioned was an Amazon Basics Microwave that will cost you $59.99. Just like your existing microwave, there will be presets, but here is were Alexa will do the heavy lifting. There’s a built-in Ask Alexa button; press it and say something like “two minutes and thirty seconds on medium”.

When asked “Why a microwave?”, Amazon responded with “It’s the most popular appliance that’s out there today, but also one of the hardest devices to integrate with”.

Amazon also says it integrated the Dash service into the microwave, so if you run low on popcorn or another microwavable treat, it’s easy to restock.

According to Amazon, you can plug your microwave into Amazon’s new Smart Plug. It’s the first gadget to ship with Wi-Fi Simple Setup, which helps get new devices onto nearby Wi-Fi networks quickly.

“You plug in the Wi-Fi Simple Setup enabled device, and it immediately looks for the Wi-Fi Simple Setup Network. Once it receives the encrypted credentials, it securely connects to the network. And, all of that happens in less than thirty seconds,” according to Amazon.

Pre-order the microwave now; its set to release on Nov 14, 2018.

Pre-order the Amazon SMart Plug today; its set to release on Oct 11, 2018.